Toilets and bathrooms are a common root to leakage problems particularly in older houses. Over time, waterproofing membranes in the cement ground break down and wear out. Water sips through between the tiles and causes water damage to the ceilings below or the neighboring walls. Our bathroom and toilet waterproofing technique targets sealing leaks.

ZBUILDERZ can fix the following sources of leakage:

  • Seepage through structural joints due to old components.
  • Leakage through porous concrete. Inadequately mixed concrete retains water and remains damp for long time further increasing water damage.
  • Cracks in tiles. if tiles are not tapped in place properly, they lose their water tightness with time.
  • Tile de-bonding due to excessive shrinkage of the substrate and insufficient mixing and curing.
  • Rust staining due to prolonged dampness and poor ventilation.
  • Leakage at pipe penetration and joints where water can seep through junctions causing severe damage.
  • Leakage through floor traps due to insufficient protection or poor sealing at the round corners.