With over 30 years of engineering experience in contracting and construction, we decided to join innovation and talents and thus ZBUILDERZ was born. Each member in ZBUILDERZ has contributed to a number of prominent projects in Lebanon and have helped shape the face of the industry. We also had a large role in importing modern technologies such as white and translucent concrete into the country.

Our vision is to provide everyone with the professionalism you can expect from a large company. Regardless of the scale of the project, from a simple home renovation task to the construction of a tower, we provide accessibility to our services wherever it is needed. We accomplish this by raising the standard of our work and the industry as a whole without increasing costs.

Our vision is a modern Lebanon. Our mission to plan and execute the projects through assertion and integrity at an economical rate, so that our clients are satisfied with the end product that yields a high return on investment.

Eng. Rabih Maarouf