ZBUILDERZ provides professional engineering services for construction projects of all kinds at all construction phases. Our team includes contractors, fabricators, and developers to serve the construction business and industry.

Some of our notable services include:

  • Inspection of existing structures, finding points of damage or weakness, and implementing corrective measures.
  • Structural stabilization. Structures identified for change in use, additions, subject to deterioration, or originally under-designed often develop as projects suitable for supplemental support stabilization and enhancement
  • Foundation repair and isolation. ZBUILDERZ can repair cracks, settling, and sinking.
  • Geotechnical work and inspection. We can inspect soil qualities and plan foundation design accordingly.
  • Chemical grouting and soil stabilization. Chemical grout is injected into soils in place, and reacts with native or introduced water to cure into a solidified mass.
  • Cracks and segregation repair. ZBUILDERZ can fix extensive cracking, improper alignments, settlement, and joint displacement to remedy structural problems.
  • Restoration services. We have experience in restoration of all major structures including buildings with different specifications, bridges, pavements, and parking lots.
  • Carbon Fiber reinforcement for tension strengthening.
  • Epoxy Injection for fixing pores, leaks, and weak components.
  • Slab and column jacketing. ZBUILDERZ can restore existing structural members to original dimensions or increase them in size by encasement using suitable materials. Through jacketing, we can repair deteriorated columns, piers, slabs, and piles.
  • Corrosion repair and reinforcement systems. Our concrete repair and structural reinforcement services have been protecting people and structures for over 30 years. Our complete system approach works to both repair structures and prevent future problems.
  • Concrete replacement. We can repair defective concrete even when cracks in concrete have large areas. Defective concrete is removed from the structural member and area is prepared for repairs and then replacement concrete is used.